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Club Rules & Regulations 

Facilities and Services

  • 25ft x 25yd swimming pool

  • Kiddie wading pool

  • American Red Cross swimming instruction

  • Swim team for children under ages 5-16

  • 5 Tennis courts

  • Tennis clinics for adults and juniors

  • Junior tennis league

  • Tennis tournaments for adults and juniors

  • Snack bar

  • Basketball, ping pong

  • Social events for adults, children, and families


​Food & Beverages

Food and beverages will be confined to designated areas. Glass containers are not allowed in the pool area. Members using glass/ceramic containers in the designated eating area must keep the container protected on the ground in a bag or cooler to prevent injury due to broken shards.


Snack Bar

Please be sure to inform the snack bar of any allergies. We purchase our food from many vendors and cannot guarantee that any product is free from specific allergens.



Members and their guests are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and placing refuse in containers provided.

Any disorderly behavior (running, ignoring instructions from a lifeguard, fighting, profanity, excessive use of alcoholic beverages) on club property is cause for disciplinary action. This may result in the loss of club privileges for those involved.

Personal Property
The Winchester Swim and Tennis Club, Inc. is not responsible for the loss or damage to personal property.

Damage to Club Property

Members will be responsible, and may be subject to disciplinary action, for any club property abused, removed, damaged or destroyed by a member and/or their guests.


Annual Meeting
The annual open board meeting is typically held in August. The date, time, and location will be announced.

Club Management
The club manager is responsible for all club operations: maintenance, housekeeping, employee and event scheduling, supervision of staff, safety, coordinating of activities to minimize conflict, and any other needed function.

The assistant club manager(s) provide(s) assistance to the club manager and assumes the club manager’s responsibilities when the manager is unavailable. 

Club Employees

Employees of the club are to be treated in a courteous and considerate manner.  No employee shall be reprimanded in any way by a member or guest.  Any complaint regarding service, behavior, or inattention to duty by club employees should be immediately brought to the attention of the general manager or manager on duty.  Members may be required to state the complaint in writing.  The Board will take such disciplinary action as deems necessary.

Grievance Procedure
Suggestions or complaints should be directed to the club manager. Members are asked not to direct their complaints or discuss club procedures with other staff. The manager may require that the suggestion or complaint be made in writing, and/or that an incident report be filed. Please be specific when stating any problem with club facilities. The manager may consult with the Board of Directors, or, may take immediate action and inform the Board subsequently.  The club manager reserves the right to file a formal grievance with the board for members or guests who repeatedly violate the rules, harass employees or other members, or create unsafe situations for themselves or others.

Liability Waiver

All members and guests are required to sign the club liability waiver before using the facilities.  Copies of the waiver are available at the front desk.  Guests should complete a waiver the first time they visit the club for the season.  The waiver will be retained and remain in force for the duration of the season.


Club Hours

The normal club hours are published on the club web site.  The Club Manager reserves the right to close the club, snack bar, pool or courts as needed to maintain safety of members, guests and staff due to weather, darkness, staffing levels or other unforeseen circumstances.  Notification of changes to hours will be communicated via email whenever practical.



These rules and regulations are established to provide a safe, enjoyable, professionally run club for our members and guests. Parents are responsible for their children and are asked to instruct them to observe all rules and regulations. The club manager and WSTC staff will enforce these rules and regulations. Violation may result in suspension of club privileges or termination of club membership. Any suggestions to modify these rules should be forwarded to the Board of Directors. 

Membership & Guest Provisions

Desk

All members and their guests must register and pay any applicable guest fees and sign waivers, if necessary, at the front desk before entering the pool area or tennis courts.

  1. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the facility unless accompanied by a parent, guardian, or authorized sitter. Any child age 12 and older must be aware of club rules and be fully self-sufficient. An authorized sitter must be at least 14 years old and must supervise or accompany the child at all times.

  2. Persons under 16 years of age are not permitted to use the club facilities after 6 PM unless accompanied by a parent, guardian, or authorized adult. (Updated 2016)​


There is NO smoking on Club property.


Dogs are NOT allowed on Club property.

Membership Definition (Updated 2020)
A member is the adult and his or her spouse/registered domestic partner who originally applied for and was accepted into the WSTC. Membership dues cover children age 26 and under, and parents of members, who reside at the family address full time year-round and are listed on their town census as full time residents.  The club reserves the right to request confirmation of legal address to confirm eligibility.  Additional rules apply as described below.


  1. All children living at home age 26 and under, are welcome to use the WSTC facilities and participate in age-appropriate junior programs as part of the family’s membership. They are not considered members for the purposes of voting or participation in adult functions, although adult children age 21 and over may attend adult functions in the company of their parents.  Adult children over age 21 must be listed as residents of the parent’s home on the town census at the parents’ address to be covered by this policy.

  2. Parents of members, living in the home of the WSTC member full time year-round and listed on their town census, are welcome to use the WSTC at no charge as part of the family membership.

  3. Any adult child of an active member is welcome to join WSTC as a new member without waiting on the waiting list provided the active member’s membership dues/fees are current.  Membership must be notified in writing before December 31st prior to the upcoming season.

  4. All sitters must be registered and sign statements with appropriate waivers and recognition of duties and rules. Sitters must remain with the children they are supervising at all times  A written note identifying the sitter must be on file at the front desk. There is a one-time per season registration fee of $100 per non-member sitter.   Babysitters, including live-in sitters and au pairs, who are not club members, are welcome at the WSTC only when  caring for the children of a member at the time. No more than 3 non-member sitters may be listed at any given time.  The Club reserves the right to suspend sitter privileges for any sitter who does not adequately supervise their assigned children.  For emergency purposes, members acting as sitters must notify the front desk and identify the children under their supervision.


All dues must be paid in full by the date designated by the Board of Directors for that year. Member names will be published in the membership directory prepared each season. Each member shares with their spouse/registered domestic partner one vote for all appropriate club member business. 




Current members:  A divorce constitutes a change in membership.  The Club takes no position on which spouse is entitled to the rights and privileges of the Club membership after a divorce or separation.  Each spouse has a one-time opportunity to create a separate, independent membership.  Specifically, under this one-time option, each party will be considered independent for membership purposes and must notify the Club in writing, no later than December 31st in the year during which the divorce agreement becomes final, as to his or her intention related to continuing or terminating membership.  Each party would be responsible for membership fees however no additional initiation fee will be required.


Wait list applicants:  In the event that applicants become divorced while on the wait list, each spouse listed on the original application is eligible to continue the application process as two separate, independent applicants. Upon notification in writing and receipt of updated application forms no later than December 31st in the year during which the divorce agreement becomes final, the Club will split the spot (ie: 4a and 4b) to ensure the integrity of the wait.  Each party will be considered independent for membership purposes and is responsible for initiation and membership fees upon acceptance.

Daily Guest Policy

Pre-Season (5/23/20 – last day of Winchester Public School (WPS)):  2 guests per member family per day

Regular Season (first day of WPS school vacation – last day of WPS school vacation): 8 individual guests per member family per day


Labor Day (last day of season) (9/7/20):  Members only – no guests allowed


  1. Members must register their guests at the front desk each day the guest visits the club. All guests must sign appropriate waivers and recognition of rules during their first visit of the season

  2. Members must be present during the entire time of the guests’ visit and guests must leave the club at the same time as the member departs.

  3. Members are responsible for guest fees are as follows: Individual $10/day.  Family of 3 or more $25/day when entering the club prior to 6 PM.  For entry after 6PM the fees are:  Individual $5/day up to a maximun of $25 per family per day.

  4. Members who bring tennis guests must sign in at the front desk and have the guest sign appropriate waivers and pay the appropriate guest fee.


The club reserves the right to ask guests that do not obey the rules to leave the club.  The club also reserves the right to ban repeat offenders for the remainder of the season or in extreme situations to ban them permanently.




House Guests 

  1. House guests can include: members’ parents, children over the age of 27, cultural exchange students, friends or relatives residing at the member home for a minimum of a week until the day before Labor Day (9/6/20). if you have a houseguest living with you, they are welcome to use the Club for a charge of  $100/week per individual or $300/week for a family of three or more.  The fees must be paid in advance and are non-refundable.

  2. Properly registered house guests must review and sign all club rules and waivers and are welcome to use club facilities according to the same rules and regulations that apply to members, except house guests may not reserve tennis court time. House guests may enter WSTC without the member escorting them.



  1. Dues for 2020 are $1,350. Charter members pay half the annual dues.

  2. Each member must, on admission to the WSTC, pay an initiation fee of $4,500. This fee is not refundable.

  3. An inactive member will pay 50% of the annual dues for each year they are inactive, plus the full amount of any assessment. An inactive member may not use the pool or tennis facilities, but, may be re-activated upon his/her request at the beginning of the next calendar year.

  4. A member in good standing is one who has paid all dues, fees, and penalties associated with the club. ​


  1. All persons are requested to take a soap shower before entering the pool.

  2. "Patrons who are ill or have suffered from diarrhea within the previous two (2) weeks should be denied admittance into the water. It has been shown that persons with cryptosporidiosis continue to shed crypto oocysts (the infectious form of the organism) in their stool for 2 weeks after their diarrhea has ended and can therefore infect others."

  3. No running, ball playing, or unsafe play is allowed in the pool area.

  4. For safety reasons, please do not engage with a lifeguard while on the chair. Wait and speak with the guard when he/she is off the chair or seek out the manager on duty.

  5. An adult or authorized sitter (at least 14 years old) must accompany children using the small pool.

  6. Guards may request that an adult more closely watch a child who appears to be unsafe in the water. Any child with a flotation device must have a parent, guardian, or authorized adult in the water with them at all times.

  7. Only those children who are three years old or older and toilet trained are allowed to use the main pool.

  8. Children must be 12 years old or older in order to use the club facility without parent, guardian, or authorized adult supervision. Those under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or authorized sitter, who must supervise the child at all times.

  9. Persons under 16 years of age are not permitted to use the club facilities after 6 p.m. unless accompanied by a parent, guardian, or authorized adult.

  10. No one is allowed to use the deep end unless he/she has passed the deep end test.

  11. Children must be over 6 years of age to take the deep end test. Any swimmer over 12 must be able to confidently swim 2 lengths of the pool continuously and unaided. Guards reserve the right to restrict the deep end for a struggling swimmer.

  12. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 must pass the deep end test annually.

  13. Extreme caution must be used when using the deep end area.

  14. No person with a communicable disease will be allowed to use the pool.

  15. Food and drink must be confined to designated areas. Glass containers are not allowed in the pool area.

  16. Only approved flotation devices may be used.

  17. Adult swim times will be posted at the club OR will be determined by the management and lifeguard(s) on duty, subject to a review of the pool usage.

  18. During adult swim time, the diving board is available for children who have passed the deep end test. The lap lane is available for lap swimmers only during non-adult swim times.

  19. Only approved water paraphernalia may be used in the pool.

  20. Contraband including bottles, cans, balls, etc. will not be allowed in the pool.

  21. Swim at your own risk.

  22. Spray-On Sunscreen. The use of spray-on sunscreen causes permanent staining and is prohibited on club property.

​​Small Pool Rules

  1. In an effort to minimize health risks to our members and guests, children that are not potty trained using the baby pool must wear a tight-fitting plastic or rubber pant over the swimsuit diaper which will help contain fecal matter and prevent it from entering the pool. If your child is using the baby pool, please bring them to the front desk to confirm that they are in compliance and a wristband will be issued. All children who are not potty trained must wear a wristband in order to swim in the baby pool.

  2. There is no lifeguard on duty.

  3. Children must be supervised at all times by his/her parent, guardian, or authorized sitter.

  4. No food is allowed in the small pool area.

  5. Locker rooms must be used for changing diapers.

  6. Small pool is to be used by children ages 5 and younger. 

​​Back Lawn Event Rules
The back lawn may be used for small gatherings/events for a fee of $200 per event covering 2 hours for the event plus 30 minutes for set up.  There is a 2-hour and 20 people (WSTC members included) maximum.  At the end of the 2-hour event time, the host must escort all non-members off the property and sign out with the front desk.  Guests may be allowed back in per the standard daily guest policy.  Gatherings shall be limited to one event per day and are subject to consideration of the board and the club manager.  Events MUST be scheduled with the WSTC Club Manager – no exceptions.  A guest list, waivers and $200 event fee must be submitted before the start of the event. 


The purpose of these tennis rules is to help provide the most opportunities for all interested club members to learn and play tennis. 

Court Use

  1. Courts are available from 8:00 a.m. until dusk, when weather permits. As a courtesy to the club’s neighbors, tennis is not allowed before 8:00 a.m. or after dusk.

  2. Members must sign in at the front desk or via the online court reservation system before playing. Members are also responsible for registering their guests and paying guest fees.

  3. During primetime hours, members age 16 or older may reserve Courts 1-4, and both juniors (under 16) and adults may reserve Court 5. Primetime is defined as:

    1. Weekdays: 5:00 p.m. until dusk

    2. Weekends and holidays: 8:00 a.m. until dusk

  4. Juniors must relinquish Courts 1-4 during primetime if requested to do so by an adult member. Juniors may, however, play with adult members during primetime.

  5. During the offseason, from November 1 to April 1, tennis nets will be taken down, except for the net on Court 1. Also, from April 1 to the opening of the WSTC and from the closing of the WSTC to November 1, non-members are not allowed to use the courts unless playing with a member or with approval of the Board of Directors. During the club season, non-members can use the courts as per the WSTC guest policy.


Court Conduct & Activities

  1. Proper dress is required to play on the courts, including a shirt, shorts/pants/skirt (or one-piece tennis outfit), and tennis shoes. No bathing suits are allowed, except underneath the proper dress attire described above. 

  2. Use of more than 3 balls on Courts 3, 4, or 5 is only allowed during lessons, clinics, or when the neighboring court is not in use. 

  3. Tennis play has priority over backboard use. 

  4. During primetime hours, adult tennis clinics and club matches sanctioned by the Head Pro and/or Tennis Chairperson(s) may occupy 4 courts; one tennis court will be made available to members for recreational play, if reserved in advance by an adult member. If not reserved by the start of a scheduled clinic or club match, the fifth court may be used by said clinic or match if desired.

  5. Junior tennis clinics may occupy up to 5 courts if needed during 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. on non-holiday weekdays. If junior clinics are not at capacity, tennis courts will be made available to members for recreational play via reservation online or via the front desk.

  6. For private lessons, the tennis pros may reserve a maximum of 2 courts at the same time. 


Court Reservations

  1. Court reservations can only be made by a member, either by contacting the WSTC front desk during open club hours or via the online reservation system at any time. 

  2. Reservations may be made up to 7 days in advance, and each club family may make up to 2 court reservations in any 7-day period, provided that each reservation is made by a differing family member. (No individual may make a second reservation without having yet played their first reservation.) Any court reservations made beyond these limits may be deleted by club staff or Tennis chairperson(s) without notice. 

  3. Court reservations are to be limited to 1 hour for singles play and 1.5 hours for doubles play. If a doubles reservation is used for singles play, the last ½ hour of the reservation will be canceled. Members may play beyond their reservation time if no one comes to use the court. 

  4. A reservation must be used by at least one member of the club reserving the court. Reservation privileges are not transferable between families.

  5. If a member of the reserving family and at least one other player have not arrived at the reserved court by 10 minutes past the reservation time, the reservation will be considered canceled and the court can be reassigned. A waiting list will be maintained at the front desk for purposes of reassigning canceled courts when needed. Discretion will be used in order to assign these fairly.

  6. Block reservations (reserving more than one court) may be made only for functions approved by the Club Manager, Head Tennis Pro and/or Tennis Chairperson(s).

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